Certified translation (sworn translators)

Translator.pl is a team of experienced interpreters and translators who offer a wide range of certified specialist translation services.

Certified translations may be required for various official purposes. These include official letters, documents, legal, financial, medical and/or scientific texts, school certificates, academic diplomas, car registration documents, driving licenses, court judgements, divorce decrees, administrative decisions or civil registration records.

Any certified translation needs to be certified by a sworn translator, bear a unique repertory number, be signed by the translator and stamped with a circular official seal indicating the full name of the translator, number of their license and the language for which they have been licensed.
Certified translations are usually made based on originals but if originals are not available such translations can be made based on a copy.
At the Client’s request, a photocopy or printed scan of the original document may be affixed to the translation.

Escort interpreting where an interpreter accompanies the client during business talks, business meetings, on official business, in court etc.  can also be provided by a certified sworn translator.

Translator.pl is a group of highly experienced certified sworn translators. The firm has operated on the local market for more than 30 years and has a track record of thousands of translated documents and satisfied clients.

Anyone who is pressed for time and needs a high-quality certified translation or interpretation may count on professional support from our certified sworn translators and interpreters. In our both offices, English and German translators and interpreters are available within our office hours.

Besides Polish, English and German, translator.pl also handles translations in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Russian and Czech.

Our firm has offices in Gdańsk and Gdynia but we also provide on-site interpreting services, even ALSO abroad and in other towns and cities outside Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia, where the presence of a professional interpreter is required during appointments, meetings or other business and is preferable to over-the-phone interpreting.

Written translation sent by post, currier service or in an electronic format is another convenient form of cooperation.
Clients may place orders in their own person in any of our offices or via email/our web site by completing the relevant form under the bookmark “Pricing”, and if they have questions they may use the contact form under the bookmark “Contact”. It is also possible to contact us by telephone.

Translator.pl is the best choice for those who value integrity, timeliness and professionalism.
We work together with sworn translators who belong to the most experienced in the Tri City and whole Pomeranian region.
We provide our services remotely. If required our translators may travel to almost any place in Poland and abroad.