Medical translations

For 30 years, we in have expanded our knowledge to provide a competent translation of medical texts (hospital reports, medical records, medical certificates, bills, etc.).       
Medical translations in B&S can be certified and non-certified and are handled by translators who specialise in the field. When needed, we consult specialist doctors.

You can count on the professional translation of medical certificates, fit notes, doctor’s excuses, medical bills, medical documentation, descriptions of medical procedures and other medical texts.

If you need a translation of medical documentation only for information purposes, plain (non-certified translation) may be more useful and cheaper because it will give you more flexibility in choosing fragments to be translated. If the documents are required for official use (by a doctor for consultation or to devise a treatment plan, an insurance company, a lawyer or a court, etc.) you will need a certified translation.

If you need professional interpreting at a clinic or in another country, our interpreters at will always be willing to provide such a service.

Our medical interpreters and translators provide services all across Poland and internationally.
You can order translations by visiting our offices in Gdańsk and Gdynia, through our web page tools, by traditional or electronic mail. You can choose the method by which translations will be sent to you.

Wherever you live, you can use the services of regarding any kind of translation or interpreting you may need, by contacting us personally or remotely. means 30 years of experience, professional integrity, top quality services and timeliness.