Translation of documents means 30 years of experience in the translation of various documents.

Many of our sworn and specialist translators are with us from the very beginning. They know how to professionally
translate medical, legal, financial, accounting, advertising, technical, electronic engineering, IT and other texts.

You can order the translation instruction manuals, descriptions of devices, driving licenses, court judgements, school certificates, university diplomas, student record books, doctor’s notes or excuses, medical documentation and many others.

You can collect your translations from our offices in Gdańsk and Gdynia or, if required, have them mailed to you. We also offer interpreting services at any location across Poland and abroad.

Our interpreters can accompany you during business meetings and talks and help you to deal with official business.

We translate documents into various languages including English, German, French Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Russian and Czech.

As in any other case, translations and interpretations can be either certified or non-certified.

Certified translations are usually made based on original documents but, if required, they can be made based on their copies or scans.

Our translators and interpreters continually develop their professional knowledge and skills in various fields of translation. Therefore will always be your best choice.

Our offices in Gdynia and Gdańsk have fixed office hours but you can always send us an email.

You can collect your translations personally from our offices in Gdańsk and Gdynia or you can receive them by traditional or courier mail. We accept orders placed through our website, emailed to or, or sent by traditional or courier mail.

If you choose to contact us through our website, you may use the form under the bookmark “Contact” or place your order under the bookmark “Pricing”.

You can also contact us at (+ 48) 883636669 or (+48) 530313717 or by email at or